New to St James 

If you are new to our church, there may be some questions you have about what might happen during a service.

Here, we have tried to put together some of the things we think you may wish to know. Please let us know if these are helpful.

Church entranceThis is the main entrance to Church. In particularly cold or windy weather, the door may be shut, although not locked if we are inside!!!! Please use the doorbell to let us know you are here if you're unable to open the door. 

There is a step up into the building. At the moment, we have a ramp but it needs to be put out when needed. We are happy to do this as soon as you arrive

Once inside, you will find the toilets to the left and right of you.

catPlease feel free to use the facilities whenever you need, many of us cannot wait until the end of a service to do so!!!
Our greeters will make sure that you have everything you need once you have arrived. We usually give out a service booklet, a hymn book and a notice sheet and there are bibles available if you would like one. However, you will find many of the words for the songs and the service (including the readings) on the screens at the front of church.

If you need a large print version of the service or a braille version that can be arranged although it would be very helpful if you could let us know prior to arriving!
congregationPlease feel free to sit wherever you find the most comfortable. We have a hearing loop system if you use a hearing aid, but you also may find it helpful to sit nearer the front if you are struggling to hear!

At various points in the service you may find people sitting / standing. Please free to do whatever feels comfortable to you. You will find others who also do the same!

play areaIf you have a child or baby, there are several options. 

First, there is our under 3s area where children can play happily during the service. We don’t worry about any noise, and are quite comfortable to have babies crawl up the aisle towards the front. Please feel free to feed your baby during the service if they need, walk them around at the back if that helps or take them into the back rooms if they need calming down without an audience! There are always people on hand to help and our Vicar has been known to preach while balancing a baby on his hip!!!

We also have children’s groups most Sundays which over 3s can attend if they wish. They can also stay in the service where we have pens / pencils and Christian puzzle / colouring books for them if they wish. 

PeaceDuring the communion service, we often share the peace with each other. This can be a handshake, a hug or a peck on the cheek. Some people really like this part of the service and some spend this part in the toilets!!!! We are all different!  


Communion services conclude with the sharing of bread and wine or in a blessing. The bread we use is gluten free and non-alcoholic wine is available if you wish.  

During a service, there will be a collection plate passed around. This is for people to make a contribution towards the costs of running the church. Although many will contribute, many also do not - or will give monthly etc. Please do not feel any obligation to place anything on the plate. 

At the end of our services we serve tea and coffee with biscuits, which is free of charge. Also, we often sell cakes at the back of church when we are fund raising for specific projects.

Church notice boardOur service times and notices of events held in church are all on the notice board outside the front of church and on our website calendar.

We have a welcome leaflet if you would like to see our week at a glance. This will give you more detailed information about activities taking place in the church.

We hope you enjoy your visit to St James. Please make yourself known to our vicar (Ian Smith) or one of the members of the congregation.