Our Values

Relationship with God - at the heart of who we are is our relationship with God. Our primary purpose is to love, worship and serve him. We believe that as we pray, learn from God’s Word (the Bible) and open ourselves to his Holy Spirit, God can change our lives so we become more like Jesus.

Relationship with one another - as Christians, we don’t go it alone in our faith, but are members of God’s family, the church. At St James, our relationships with one another are very important, as we learn together, encourage, support and care for one another, and enjoy having fun together too!

Relationship with our community - Jesus was good news to the people and communities he lived among, and wants everyone to experience the good news of his generous, saving love today. We seek to share his love with our local community through our welcome and hospitality, praying for our local area, offering support and care for people, and linking with and serving local groups and organisations.

Relationship with the world - God sent his Son into the world, and calls us to share in his ongoing mission and ministry to the world. We seek to engage with God’s world through prayer, and through partnership with international Christian agencies working alongside some of the most marginalised individuals and communities.