Beatrice GilpinBeatrice close up

St James for me is home. I have, over the years been part of different congregations, but St James is home. When we moved to Bexley in 2006, my young son was just turning two and had never settled down at Sunday school. He was always brought back within minutes of going out to Sunday school or crèche as the case may be.

That first Sunday morning at St James was a turning point. I reluctantly let him go out with his siblings and other kids. I waited and waited and waited, he never came back. After church I could not wait to run out and find out what had happened. I met a boy, who barely acknowledged me, I had to wait for him to finish his task and then walk up to meet me. Something had changed and it was the atmosphere at St James that had caused the change. They are taught bible stories and bible basics.

St James is family oriented and I find my children looking forward to church on Sunday, and family Sundays. I have come to appreciate the old traditional Sunday service more. The mix of old and new hymns is a wonderful experience. Every Sunday is a refreshing and reviving experience.

These past two years have been difficult, but the love and support from the congregation has been overwhelming. I believe God brought us to St James for a reason, my family has settled well and I thank God for the family at St James every time I walk through the doors.

Beatrice Gilpin
June 2010