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This is the Fellowship magazine of St James the Great, Blendon. It is published four times a year for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The magazine is delivered within the parish of St James for an annual subscription or single editions can be purchased after church services. A limited number of free copies are also available in the racks by the entrance door on Bladindon Drive.

Here is a selection of articles from the magazine; for more details, click on the titles below. If you would like the magazine delivered, then please fill the the form below and we will let you know if we cover your road.

It's a strange feeling to be writing my last article for Great News. Just over a week ago, I announced that after nearly ten years at St James, I am leaving to take up my new appointment as Priest-in-Charge at St Paul with All Saints, Chatham...
Rev'd Andrea Ward
Does God speak to us through mundane everyday objects? That was the question I asked Andrea and Pete during a time of difficulty when they prayed with me at home a couple of years ago. What prompted my question was...
Janine Peters
I go, with Roger and Pat Wright, through security into the Fish Department, for our guided tour from senior curator, Ollie Crimmen, an Icthyologist (an expert on fish), who is a genial, very enthusiastic man with 43 years of service there. Therein are...
Stephen Roberts
The Diocese of Rochester has linked up with the charity, Seeking Sanctuary, which is promoting ‘Building Bridges of Love and Hope’ and which distributes aid to the refugees in Calais. The Diocese aimed to provide 500 bags...
Sue Moule




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